Course materials

What types of materials are included in the IELTS preparation course material?

In the course material you get access to through one of the membership types, different types of course material are included. We have audio materials and eBooks you can download for you to keep. On top of that, there also over 400 training videos you can use. And of course there are opportunities to test your knowledge and skill.

In total there are 10 units that take you through all aspects of IELTS and get you fully prepared.

Are there any practice tests included in the IELTS prep course materials?

There are 15 full IELTS tests included for you to practice in both the 90-day SPEED membership access to the course, as well as the 180-day MASTER membership access to the course materials. Yes, that’s fifteen opportunities to practice as if you are taking a real IELTS test!

With all this experience you’ll be sure to reach your goal for IELTS, without having to re-take the exam. a 180-day MASTER membership (Academic or General Training) now to start your IELTS journey so you can move and study abroad.

How are the practice tests graded?

The reading and listening tests are automatically graded once you submit your answers and an estimated band score is given. Model answers are given for all the speaking practice tests and writing tests. Once you are a member, you can also purchase additional live speaking assessments and writing assessments.

What is the 3-step learning system?

Each of the lessons course material follow a specific structure that is set up for your success. In keeping to these 3 steps, you are following an evidence-based learning method.

  • The first step is to help you explore the subject of the lesson and get a basic understanding of key vocabulary.
  • With this basic understanding you are ready to jump right in and gain a full grasp of the material.
  • Thirdly, we provide the opportunity to test your knowledge. In doing so, your brain solidifies knowledge. With insights on your performance, you can fill the gaps and ensure your IELTS success.

Do I get a personal tutor?

Yes, a tutor is included in a membership with access to our course materials for IELTS preparation. You will get a dedicated personal tutor that is ready to support you over e-mail. With the MASTER membership access to our course, you will also receive 2 live speaking assessments with your tutor. These live speaking assessments can have a major impact on your IELTS preparation progress and your confidence. Ready to go? ENROLL NOW, and we’ll start supporting you right away.

Are there any possibilities for online speaking assessments?

With the 90-day SPEED Membership access to our course materials, speaking assessments with your personal tutor are not included. In the 1 80 day MASTER Membership access however 2 live speaking practice tests are included, with personal feedback from your tutor. Once you are a member, you can also purchase additional live speaking assessments and writing assessments.

Membership & course type

Are there any practice tests included in the IELTS prep course materials?

There are 2 types of courses materials you can choose between: the General Training Module and the Academic Module. The General Training Module is for people looking to emigrate to an English-speaking country. The Academic Module is for you if you are looking to work or study in an English-speaking country. It is focused on reaching a level of English that is fit for academic contexts.

How many membership types are there?

We have 2 membership types available: the MASTER Membership and the SPEED Membership. A membership gains you access to our course materials.

Depending on your purposes you can choose between the course materials that are for general training purposes or academic purposes. If your intention is to study abroad at a university the Academic Module course materials are for you.

How do I know which Membership type fits me best?

The SPEED Membership is the best choice for you if your level of English is already high and you have limited time before your test. Or you might have taken the test before and are aiming for no more than Band 7.0.

The MASTER Membership gives you more time to learn and prepare. If you have not scheduled an IELTS exam date yet or have more than 3 months left before your test the gives you prolonged access to the course materials.

You might have never taken the official IELTS exam. Or you have taken the test and missed your band score by at least 1.0 band. In this case it will be crucial to take this time. If you are aiming for a band score above 7.0 this also is the membership type for you.

Pricing & payment

What are the prices of the membership types?

SPEED Membership: $45 USD ($36 with your Studyportals-discount!)

MASTER Membership: $75 ($60 with your Studyportals-discount!)

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, we currently have a discount live with Studyportals. Get 20% discount and use the promotional code studyportals20 to get your discount (limited time only).

What payment methods can I use?

For the payment of membership access we use PayPal and Stripe. With Stripe several popular payment methods from around the world are supported, including GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa and Mastercard.

Not sure your country’s favoured payment method is included? Connect your bank account to PayPal, GooglePay or ApplePay. With a quick set-up there you can finalize your enrolment with us and get so much closer to your dreams to study abroad.

IELTS ACADEMIC speed membership

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IELTS academic master membership

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USD $ 60

IELTS General Training speed MEMBERSHIP

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USD $ 36


USD 45

USD $ 60